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Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

In today's age, eyeglasses and sunglasses serve multiple roles. Along with helping us get a better view of the world and protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays, they have become a critical part of our wardrobe. They are a fashion statement and a means of expressing your individual style.

Finding a frame that fits your facial features is critical to achieve all day comfort, especially since many of us wear our eyewear all day long. At Centenary Optical, our team of highly experienced opticians and eyewear stylists will help you select your next pair of eyeglasses taking into consideration your prescription, lifestyle, individual personality and other needs. We have a wide collection of over 1300 stylish frames kept in-stock. Check out some of our brands here

Stylish smart eye glasses for young women

Lenses and Lens Coatings

We offer the latest and highest quality lenses from the largest vendors in the industry including Essilor, Nikon and Zeiss. Whether you are in need of single vision distance or reading correction, or your next pair of bifocals or progressive lenses, we are here to cater to your individual needs.

We offer only the best lens coatings available on the market to optimize your vision through our eyewear. These coatings will offer a variety of benefits, depending on your needs. Come in and speak to one of our knowledgeable doctors or opticians to find out which type of lens design and coating would serve your needs and lifestyle the best.

UV protection.jpg

UV radiation increases the chances of blinding eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) and cataracts. Wearing adequate UV protecting eyewear is key in preserving your vision.

UV Protection

Anti-Reflective Coating.jpg

Limits the scratches that may occur on your lenses from everyday use and optimizes the clarity of your vision through your lenses. Plastic lenses are prone to scratching without the presence of a scratch resistant coating. As a result, all our lenses come with scratch resistance.

Scratch Resistance


Also known as an anti-glare coating, this coating will enhance your vision by reducing glare from light sources such oncoming traffic and digital screens. It will improve night vision, while reducing eyestrain. It will also reduce the reflection off your lenses,  giving you a more professional and sophisticated look! 


These are often known as transitions. This coating allows the lens to darken when outside in the sun, and reverse when indoors, looking like an ordinary clear lens. The transition from light to dark is very quick and allows your ordinary pair of glasses to serve the purpose of sunglasses as well. However, it should be noted that these will not darken when driving since the windshield will block the UV radiation!

Photochromic (Transitions) Lens

blue blocker.jpg

Blue blocking reflective coating helps reduce the blue rays that are emitted by digital screens including our mobile phones, iPADs, laptops and computers. Recent studies have shown that excessive exposure to blue light (especially before bed) can negatively impact sleep cycles, as well as cause eye fatigue. If you spend a lot of time in front of digital screens in a day, this coating may help improve your visual comfort. Come speak to our team to assess whether blue light protection will serve your needs. 

Blue Light Protection

optifog 2.jpg

This coating helps reduce the fogging of our lenses that frequently occurs on winter days. It has become extremely prevalent with the masks that are being worn as a result of the COVID pandemic. 


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