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Contact Lenses

We offer a wide selection of the latest high quality contact lenses from popular vendors like Johnson & Johnson, Alcon, Coopervision and Baush & Lomb. Some of our well known brands include:

Major Contact lens brands including acuvue, air optix, biofinity

We offer single vision, toric (lenses for astigmatism), and multi-focal contact lenses. We also carry the latest non-prescription coloured contact lenses. We offer a variety of lens options including daily disposables, bi-weekly lenses and monthly options. 

During the fitting process, our experience contact lens team will ensure that the fit of the lens and your vision is optimized. We will provide the appropriate training on insertion and removal of your contacts, as well as educate you on contact lens hygiene. We promise to work with you to maximize your comfort in your contact lenses while minimizing any contact lens related complications. 


Never tried contact lenses? No problem - we provide you with several options and recommend which contact lens is the best for you. 


Come in today to speak to one of our experts regarding your contact lens needs! 

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