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Adjustments & repairs 


Have you been experiencing neck strain while reading on your computer? Do your eyeglasses seem to roll down your nose every time you bend over? Are the arms of your eyeglasses hurting your ears or giving you a headache? These are all symptoms of poorly fitted eyeglasses.

Even the highest quality products do not guarantee the best vision and all day comfort unless they are correctly fitted. At Centenary Optical, we strive to ensure that every frame is properly adjusted to optimize the viewing area and optics of our high-quality lenses. We will make sure all our eyeglasses are just right - not too loose and not too tight. 

Lost nose pad? Misplaced temple screws? No problem - bring in your eyeglasses and we will repair them in no time! We understand how important your vision is, which is why our goal is always to get you to seeing your BEST as soon as possible! 

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All designer frames come with a 2-year warranty to cover all manufacturer’s defects. Non-designer frames will come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. When you purchase your eyewear from Centenary Optical, you can rest assure that all your needs will be taken care of. 

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